Jump, Dodge, Run!

A vibrant platformer with unique graphics and catchy chiptune soundtrack!


About Game

🏆 Imagine you are at the jumping championships. But you are not a spectator, but a performer. You have to perform on different tracks, and prove that the trophy Kiki award is just for you! Jump, dodge, run! Only you decide how to get this award!

Thirty exciting levels with a variety of unique and classic platformer gameplay elements await you. Gradually the levels are updated with new elements and only get more interesting! We also added full gamepad support! 🎮🎉


💡 Gameplay
3D first-person action platformer with puzzle elements. Over 15 game elements, 30 levels, increasing difficulty and special attention to level design. Take on the challenge!
💎 Visual Style
Bright, juicy, cubic-comic-cartoon graphics with changing environments. Nothing extra!
🎵 Original Chiptune Soundtrack
Together with HateBit, we have prepared a collection of 8 chiptune soundtracks for you!