Choose your path to victory!

Arena-shooter and roguelite hybrid. Brave mages unite to prevent darkness and restore balance.


The Red Exile – is a survival horror game. The main feature of the game is the procedurally generated map. Play again and again, because each game session is unique and inimitable!

About Game

In Spellagis, a magical realm where every corner is imbued with mystical energy, darkness is gaining strength, threatening to disrupt the delicate balance between light and shadow. Brave mages, each wielding diverse powers and magical abilities, gather to confront this looming threat. Armed with knowledge and magical artifacts, they engage in battle to resist evil and restore harmony to the world. Yet, the path to victory is fraught with dangers, and only the most skilled mages can overcome the challenges that await them in this dark yet enchanting realm.
Unlock new abilities, collect a unique combination and go into battle.
Choose Your Path to Victory!
With over 8 characters at your disposal, each possessing unique starting characteristics, you're offered diverse pathways to triumph. Every character presents a distinct approach to the game, allowing you to adopt your own style and strategy to overcome any obstacles and achieve triumph in this captivating world.
Increasing Complexity
Maniac gets stronger as the match progresses.


Unlock New Strategies!
Over 70 unique artifacts, each bringing its own special advantages. From powerful weapons to magical relics, every item unveils new strategies and tactics for you to explore.
Winner's Rewards!
Conquer the arena and earn crystals with each victory to purchase permanent enhancements for your character! Unique skills, attribute upgrades, and powerful artifacts await you in the hidden shop, where every purchase brings you one step closer to your ultimate power. Go ahead, claim your reward, and turn your hero into an unstoppable force on the battlefield!